The Institute was established in 2004 as named the Institute of Economics and Management, and renamed the Institute of Business and Management in August, 2008.


Development Objectives

The main objective of the Institute is to nurture highly skilled professionals required by domestic and international enterprise. At the same time we actively develop multidisciplinary research, integrate students with multi-dimensional training in economics, finance and management, and cultivate them with strong business management skills which will actually cater to the requirements of rapidly changing economic environments faced by the domestic and multinational companies.


Future Outlooks

In line with the national development and international economic integration trend, our teachings focus on academic and practical trainings, and for the overall economic development of the entire region, to develop international outlook, to train financial and managerial professionals required by domestic and international industries. The institute aims at nurturing students to be active, with creative thinking ability, to be concerned about and analyze the practical problems related with international society, economy, finance, industry, and politics. To attain this mission the future outlook and goal of the institute are as follows:


1. Global Outlook:


In line with the global enterprise trend, the institute aims to nurture management professionals in the fields of international business management, global marketing, global financial management, international trade, international finance, international investment and nurture research personnel for international business strategy management and strategic management.

2. Localization:


To train industrial personnel, keeping in line with the nation’s economic development, international economic integration trend, regional resources collaboration and strengthening the industrial sector base.

3. Industry Cooperation:


Through direct dialogue with the business community, we aim to understand the actual requirements of enterprises for various professions. Through various channels like advisory service, discussion forum, collaborative research, internship and visits, we aim to maintain a close interactive relation with the business sectors.


Graduation Prospects


Educational Channel:


Can pursue further studies in economics, management, finance and others related fields.

Job Opportunities:


Student who graduate from our institute can participate in related national public examinations, or enter into national and foreign banks, insurance companies, securities investment companies, trading companies, manufacturing companies or domestic sector of production, technology, marketing, finance, accounting, planning, human resource, investment and similar management work.