Characteristics of the Program

Presenting a balance of theory and practice, the Institute has been devoting to multi-disciplinary training and researches. The curriculum covers economics and finance in addition to the core management subject. This program is to develop students into broadly educated business managers and executives who understand the nature of business as a whole, with the tools and techniques applicable to a wide variety of business situations.


Program Curriculum


Compulsory Courses:


Research Methods (3 credits), International Business Management (3 credits), International Marketing Management (3 credits), International Financial Management (3 credits), Managerial Economics (3 credits), Seminar for Practical Business Operation and Management(1)(2) (each for 1 credits), Special Topics(1)(2) (each for 1 credits)


Elective Courses:


Consumer Behavior, Technology and Innovation Management, Financial Institution Management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Leadership, Productivity and Efficiency, Topics on Performance Assessment, International Trade and Global Industry Analysis, Topic on International Trade and Economics, Analysis of International Trade and Economic Situation, International Strategy Management, Topics on Industrial Organization, Industrial Analysis and Business Diagnosis, Multivariate Analysis, Social Science Research Method, Project Management, Operations Management.